Top 10 Tasty International Cuisines

Top 10 Tasty International Cuisines


Cuisines are mainly considered as a particular form of cooking practice and a particular culture and practice for cooking is followed which makes the cuisine unique in itself. If you are a foodie, travelling should be a part of your life, as it introduces several cuisines to you, some will have unique taste, and some will have a unique style while others will have unique set of ingredients.  From Asia to North America you will find the best cuisines according to your taste. Every place have their unique style and taste of cooking, Asian countries are famous for their hot and spicy food, France is known for its exquisite cuisine, Northern America for its barbeques and many others. It’s just that you must be willing to try new tastes and style of cuisines and if you ask your taste buds, they will exactly tell you which cuisine is the most delicious. Let us have a look at the top 10 mouth watering international cuisines.

10. Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean cuisine

Mediterranean cuisines are emerged from the adjacent cultures of Mediterranean Sea. Mediterranean cuisines have varied flavors and are perfect for summers. This includes veggies, grilled fish, chicken steak as well as amazing combination of delightful mezze trays. The varied climate and its historical impact clearly reflects on the dishes of this place.


9. Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese fine cuisine

Generally Lebanese foods are filled with fresh veggies and are very high in its flavors.  Lebanese cuisines are usually preferred with wine or a strong Lebanese liquor called arak. Mezze- an appetizer which includes salads, dips, nibbles along with Arabic bread and pickles. This cuisine is offered by The Middle East.

8. Spanish Cuisine

Spanish Cuisine

You will generally find light cuisines in Spanish, it includes meat, fresh veggies and fish. Spanish cuisine along with Indian is the most varied but popular at the same time. Sangaria (which contains fruits and wine), which is one of the famous drinks of Spain and it goes exactly fine with the dishes.

7. Greek Cuisine

Greek Cuisine

You will find Feta cheese, Lamb, olives and tomatoes in Greek cuisines. The cuisines of Greek have an influence of “Italian and Turkish cuisines. You will have an authentic experience with the Greek cuisine together with the culinary trends stocked with the specialist of the regions. You will easily find affordable authentic cuisine.

6. Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Cuisine

In Japanese cuisine you will definitely find rice and noodles along with a soup. Japanese cuisines are generally made of tofu, fish, veggies and meat. They are flavored using miso, soya sauce and dashi, they are usually high in salt and low in fat. You will find the most delicious cuisines in Tokyo, with having more than 150 top ranked restaurants.

5. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican Cuisine

Mexican cuisine is typically well known for its differed flavor cuisines, it mainly stresses on the look of the dishes, well decorated with colors, contains several different types of spices, among which several are found in the natives. Cuisines of Mexico are the result of Aztec culture which comes from the Spanish conquistadores. Thus we get to know that Mexican cuisines are a combination of ancient traditions, Spanish, Aztec and Mayan.

4. Thai Cuisine

Thai Cuisine

Various people find the Thai cuisine to be the only reason for visiting the country because of the taste of the balanced mixture of sweet, bitter, hot and sour, they find this good enough. Thai cuisine can be nicely distinguished with its fresh herbs and flavors. You will find rice to be the main component in the thai dishes. In Thai you will find insects to be commonly eaten. Examples of Thai food can be nam pla, shrimp paste , noodles and  fish sauce.

3. Indian Cuisine

Indian CuisineSophisticated and the most diverse cuisines can be found in India. Mughlai and Punjabi cuisine are well known throughout the world and are served in the worldwide restaurants. But Indian foods are usually categorized into 3 parts: South, East and West. To get accustomed with the flavors of Indian cuisine you will take atleast a week as it is generally spicy, once you get familiar to the spices you will start loving Indian food.

2. Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine

Pizza and Pasta have become a part of our life, but many people are not even aware of the place from where it has originated. So we can get to know that these two dishes are enough to make the Italian cuisines popular. Infact Italian dishes have brought pepper, maize tomatoes or potatoes on the ingredient’s list. You will find more than 400 types of cheese along with 300 kinds of sausages. With this we can come to know that Italian cuisine has the most popular dishes in the world.

1. Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Cuisine

You will find Chinese cuisines everywhere worldwide to welcome you, we all are very familiar with noodles and fried rice which is the most loved dish by anyone. Chinese cuisines are tasteful and also easily affordable. Chinese cuisines are very easy to prepare.

NOTE: If I have missed any cuisine which will deserve in top 10 list, then please give comment below, I will review after 6 months if it is really eligible then I add into to the list.

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  • Legio13 March 31, 2014, 3:22 pm

    Syrian Cuisine is fantastic and it has more varities than the Lebanese one. It is pretty much similar to Lebanese cuisine. But, Syria is much older and most of the lebanses recipes are taken from the Syrian ones. I don’t trust this result because it is based on the PR and propaganda. To be fair, I would recommend calling it Syrian Lebanese cuisine or mediterranean cuisine. I know many Lebanses who come to Syria and adore its food and especially in Aleppo.

  • Eliezer March 31, 2014, 3:23 pm

    I disagree with the list. This is what I would put on the list:
    1. Italian
    2. Japanese
    3. Thai
    4. Puerto Rican
    5. Brasilian
    6. German
    7. Greek
    8. Arabian
    9. French
    10. Chinese

  • Adam March 31, 2014, 3:28 pm

    Where is french cuisine? french food should deserve to be on the list; croissants, brioche, the best cakes, baggettes, creme broulet, souffle, all those different types of cheese(stinky but delicious), all the different types of gorgious chocolate, and much more!And all the better is that all this food is of a good quality.

  • carry April 21, 2014, 3:07 pm

    italian cuisine is so mouth watering. its easy though, contains atleast 8-10 kind of ingradients then you can cook. i love pastas. And the japanese cuisines it really is cute, very artful, colorful that it attracts our taste buds.

  • dina April 21, 2014, 3:27 pm

    everything seems very appetiting. but i do prefer much on mediterranian cuisine simply because it just has everything, vegetable, meat and etc. I love to explore my taste buds.

  • Samy April 28, 2014, 12:12 pm

    really good list, I have tasted all cuisines listed here.


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